2015 VAST Challenge: MC2

You have access to the in-app communication data over the three days of the Scott Jones celebration. This includes communications between the paying park visitors, as well as communications between the visitors and park services. In addition, the data also contains records indicating if and when the user sent a text to an external party.

Use visual analytics to explore and analyze the available data and develop responses to the questions below. In addition, prepare a video that shows how you used visual analytics to solve this challenge. We encourage novel visual representations and analytic approaches!

If you choose to do so, you may use information from both mini-challenge 1 and mini-challenge 2 to develop your answer. However, you will not be penalized for using the communication data only. Reviewers will take into account which data you used and evaluate your submissions based on that data only.
  1. Identify those IDs that stand out for their large volumes of communication. For each of these IDs
    1. Characterize the communication patterns you see.
    2. Based on these patterns, what do you hypothesize about these IDs?
    Please limit your response to no more than 4 images and 300 words.

  2. Describe up to 10 communications patterns in the data. Characterize who is communicating, with whom, when and where. If you have more than 10 patterns to report, please prioritize those patterns that are most likely to relate to the crime.
    Please limit your response to no more than 10 images and 1000 words.

  3. From this data, can you hypothesize when the vandalism was discovered? Describe your rationale.
    Please limit your response to no more than 3 images and 300 words.

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