Computer Networking Operations at All Freight Corporation

All Freight Corporation is a U.S. company that provides a range of shipping services, focusing on long haul and large-inventory commercial cargo. All Freight started as a regional shipping provider but over time has expanded to providing shipping services throughout the entire United States. Although expansion plans call for expanding their transportation options to include air transportation, All Freight currently ships freight exclusively via trucks.

To support its business, All Freight operates a corporate computer network. A computer network operations (CNO) group at All Freight is responsible for managing all aspects of the corporate network. This includes system administration tasks, so that All Freight can conduct business (e.g., managing customer accounts, operating a web interface that allows customers to book orders directly, and scheduling truck routes). Lately, with increased public awareness of cyber attacks, the CEO of All Freight has also asked you, as technical lead of the CNO, to improve the overall situation awareness of the corporate network. The CEO thinks that situation awareness will help in managing daily operations as well ensuring computer security. This new cyber situation awareness project will be an added duty for the CNO team; no new hires are authorized to cover additional workload. As the technical lead, you are tasked to develop a situation awareness interface that will give insight as quickly and clearly as possible in order to minimize the burden on the CNO team. The interface should integrate essential information to enable comprehension at a glance.

These datasets are provided as possible input to the situation awareness interface:
  • A file describing the computer network architecture – This documentation includes a list of priority computers. These high priority nodes are essential to All Freight’s ability to conduct business.
  • Security policy rules
  • A firewall log
  • An IDS log
  • An aggregated file of syslogs for all the hosts on the network
  • A Nessus Network Vulnerability Scan Report
  • A sample of packet capture data for the network

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