Enterprise Situation Awareness

The setting for this Challenge is BankWorld, a planet much like Earth, but with a geography consisting of one large land mass containing several different nation-states. The most important organization on BankWorld is the Bank of Money (BOM). BOM has many offices of various sizes across BankWorld and a network of approximately 895,000 computers altogether.

Bank of Money Enterprise: Cyber Situation Awareness
The Bank of Money (BOM) Corporate Information Officer (CIO) has assigned you to create a situation awareness visualization of the entire enterprise. This is a considerable challenge, considering that BOM operates from BankWorld's coast to coast. In addition to observing the global situation, he would also would like to be able to detect operational changes outside of the norm.

You are provided with two primary data tables that span two days of data for BOM. One table contains metadata about the bank’s network. The second table contains periodic status reports from all computing equipment in the BOM enterprise.

In addition, there is a smaller data file available that contains the set of status reports from all computing equipment for a given point in time. This data is a subset of the large status report table being provided.

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