VAST Challenge 2017 Grand Challenge


Grand Challenge Overview

After working through all of the data concerning traffic patterns, smokestack plumes, and images of the Preserve, student ornithologist Mitch Vogel now needs to bring the data and discoveries together to tell a coherent and comprehensive story about what he believes is affecting the Rose-crested Blue Pipit.

Mitch sees some relationships among all of the data and the analytics you and he have worked on, but he has run across some additional information that he believes could strengthen his hypotheses about the conditions for the Pipit. Once again, he turns to you, his visual analytics expert, to help him out in sorting through what is important and relevant to creating the story that is taking shape. He believes that combining this new information, with the analyses you have done in Mini-Challenges 1, 2, and 3, will provide considerable insight into the situation.

The Grand Challenge provides you with editions of the "Mistford Industrial Park Newsletter", published semiannually. These editions cover 2013-2016, although the Newsletter has been published in years past as well. Hopefully, they will help with your analysis. Any and all data and results from the mini-challenges may be used in your answers.


You will be asked to respond to the following questions/tasks:
  1. Provide your best hypothesis with supporting evidence of what is happening in the Lekagul Preserve that is affecting the Rose-crested Blue Pipit. Your answer should include identification of who is responsible for the impactful activities, what they are doing, where impactful events are occurring, when and how often these occur, how these events are taking place, and why they are happening.
  2. Provide a timeline that comprehensively describes the relevant activities in Mistford, the Industrial Park, and the Preserve that helps concisely describe the events identified in Question 1.
  3. How confident are you in your hypothesis? What factors impact your confidence in your hypothesis? What additional information would help strengthen your hypothesis?
  4. What are your proposed next steps? Do you have a course of action to correct the problems in the Lekagul Preserve and help the Rose-crested Blue Pipit?

Download the Submission Form and the Data

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VAST Challenge 2017 Submission Instructions

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