VisWeek '12 Lunch with the National Labs and Industry

This is a one day event where vis researchers and practitioners have an opportunity to go for lunch with Industry and National Labs researchers. The table-leaders pick the topic they would like to chat over (could be anything from "recruiting" to "what's the best way to..." to "looking for partners for such and such project" to "what's it like to work as a practitioner", or simply a group of people joining together for "visualization networking" or "solving problems" or even "how to navigate visweek"). You pay for your own lunch. Please sign up with your name and affiliation.

To sign up, click on Edit, enter your Compass username and password (see your Visweek registration confirmation email), and add your name below.

When choosing your meeting point, please keep in mind that there are: 23 VAST, 24 InfoVis, 17 SciVis = 64 total posters.
When choosing a table, please be aware that we try to keep groups below 4 members each — most restaurants have trouble accommodating larger parties. :-) If you are trying to join a group that already has 4 members (including the leader), please contact the leader first and ask for permission to join the group.

Tuesday, Oct 16th 2012 Industry/National Labs Lunch

Leader: Hank Childs, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Topic: How to tailor your research to impact industry
(meeting point VAST poster #1, 12:30pm)
  • Paul Rosen, U of Utah
  • Kai Xu, Middlesex University, UK
  • Nadya Calderon, Simon Fraser University
  • Md. Abedul Haque, University of Pittsburgh

Leader: Amit Chourasia, San Diego Supercomputer Center
Topic: Visualization Sharing and Reuse, Volume rendering, SciVis Contest, Visualization effectiveness
(meeting point VAST poster #2, 12:30pm)
  • Christoph Garth, Univ. of Kaiserslautern
  • Susanne Suter, University of Zurich
  • Stefan Diepenbrock, University of M√ľnster
  • Kay Phamdo, Intel Corporation

Leader: Robert Kosara, Tableau Software
Topic: Industry vs. Tenured Academia: Which one is right for me?
(meeting point VAST poster #3, 12:30pm)
  • Steve Haroz, UC Davis
  • David Sprague, CD-adapco
  • Florian Mansmann, University of Konstanz, Germany
  • Rita Borgo, Swansea University, UK
  • Carmen Sigovan, UC Davis

Leader: Frank van Ham, IBM Software group
Topic: Career: Academia vs Industry
(meeting point VAST poster #4, 12:30pm)
  • David Feng, Allen Institute for Brain Science
  • Zhicheng Liu, Stanford University
  • Bita Mazloom, University of California Santa Barbara
  • Bilal Alsallakh, Vienna University of Technology
  • Erica Savig, Stanford University and LabStudio
  • Brian Duffy, University of Oxford
  • Georgiy Shurkhovetskyy, Modern Sciences and Arts University, Cairo, Egypt

Leader: Kevin Lynagh, Keming Labs
Topic: Building and selling web visualizations to startups & businesses
(Meeting point: InfoVis poster #1, 12:30 pm)
  • Roman Pyzh, UNC Charlotte
  • Shaomeng Li, Tufts University
  • Siming Chen, Peking University
  • Curran Kelleher, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Leader: Adam Perer, IBM Research
Topic: Visual Analytics for Healthcare and Medicine
(meeting point VAST poster #5, 12:30pm)
  • Lei Wang, Stony Brook University
  • Connor Gramazio, Brown University
  • Zhigang Deng, University of Houston
  • K.R. Subramanian, UNC Charlotte
  • Wei Luo, GeoVISTA Center
  • Wenjin Zhou (Oakland University)

Leader: E. Wes Bethel, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Topic: Reviewing papers and proposals, publishing, speaking, working and career management in the field of visualization.
(meeting point VAST poster #6, 12:30pm)
  • Keqin Wu, University of Maryland at Baltimore County
  • Ayan Biswas, The Ohio State University
  • Abon Chaudhuri, The Ohio State University
  • Bastian Rieck, Heidelberg University
  • Vetria Byrd, Clemson University

Leader: Alex Endert, Pacific Northwest National Labs
Topic: Visual Analytics, research at a national lab, fun things to do in Seattle
(meeting point VAST poster #7, 12:30pm)
  • Matt Brehmer, University of British Columbia
  • Mathias Goldau, University of Leipzig (Germany)
  • Lon Riesberg, Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (Boulder, CO)

Leader: Kenny Gruchalla, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Topic: Big Displays, Big Iron, Big Data
(meeting point VAST poster #8, 12:30pm)

Leader: Peer-Timo Bremer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Topic: How can *your* algorithm/technique/software impact combustion, chemistry, material science, biology, etc.
(meeting point VAST poster #9, 12:30pm)
  • Atanas Atanasov, Technical University of Munich
  • Peter Salz, University of Kaiserslautern
  • Paul Rosenthal, Chemnitz University of Technology
  • Timothy Luciani, University of Pittsburgh
  • Wathsala Nayomi, SCI Institute, University of Utah

Leader: Danyel Fisher, Microsoft Research
Topic: Academia, Industry, and Tech Transfer
(Meeting point: VAST poster #10. 12:30 pm)
  • Steven Gomez, Brown University
  • Aaditya Landge, SCI Institute, University of Utah
  • Rafael Veras, vialab, UOIT
  • Shixia Liu, Microsoft Research Asia
  • Yingcai Wu, Microsoft Research Asia
  • Xiaotong Liu, The Ohio State University
  • Weiwei Cui, Microsoft Research Asia
  • Joshua New, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Leader: Richard May, Pacific Northwest National Labs
Topic: Research at a National Lab
(Meeting point: VAST poster #11. 12:30 pm)
  • Arlind Nocaj, University of Konstanz, Germany
  • Qi Liao, Central Michigan University
  • Lei Shi, Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Andrada Tatu, University of Konstanz, Germany (if approved by leader)

Leader: David Gotz, IBM Research
Topic: Visualization Research at an Industry Lab
(Meeting point: VAST poster #12. 12:30 pm)
Leader: Patricia Crossno, Sandia National Laboratories
Topic: Ensemble Visualization and Analysis
(meeting point VAST poster #13, 12:30pm)
  • Bruce Donald Campbell, Rhode Island School of Design
  • Robin Stewart, Tableau Software
  • Jonathan Fischer, Chemnitz Technical University

Leader: Daniel Best, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Topic: Cyber Visual Analytics
(meeting point VAST poster #14, 12:30pm)
  • Pete Clark, Macaulay Brown
  • Lauren Bradel, <Virginia Tech>
  • Hanwen Chang, Trend Micro
  • Polo Chau, Georgia Tech
  • Kevin Griffin, University of California at Davis/LLNL

Leader: Daniel Acevedo-Feliz, KAUST Visualization Laboratory
Topic: Virtual Reality and SciVis for HPC: Collaborative and Multiuser Interfaces
(meeting point VAST poster #15, 12:30pm)
  • Alex Bigelow, University of Utah
  • Thomas Marrinan, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Paul Martz, Skew Matrix Software (self-employed)

Leader: Dr. M Varga, Oxford University
Topic: Spatial - Temporal Technology and Applications
(meeting point VAST poster #16, 12:30pm)
  • Jiawan Zhang, Tianjin University
  • Michael Wybrow, Monash University
  • Karsten Klein, Sydney University
  • Femi Alabi, UNC-CH

Leader: Ji Soo Yi, HIVE Lab, Purdue University
Topic: Visualizations for online consumers
(meeting point VAST poster #17, 12:30pm)
  • Xan Gregg, SAS / JMP
  • Fred Olislagers, University of Amsterdam
  • Teri Mendelsohn, <Mendelsohn Consulting, Inc.>
  • Jim Foley, Georgia Tech

Leader: Alisa Bandlow, Sandia National Laboratories
Topic: How to determine if a vis really improves thinking/analysis
(meeting point VAST poster #18, 12:30pm)
  • Chad Stolper, Georgia Tech
  • Sung-Hee Kim, Purdue University
  • Cheuk Yiu Ip, University of Maryland
  • Alfie Abdul-Rahman, University of Oxford
  • Michael Aupetit, CEA LIST, Paris Saclay
  • Mickey Butts, Boston Consulting Group

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