Entry 17 The Roundabouts of Choosing a College Major
John Fallon — University of Massachusetts Lowell

The visualization is a Radviz plot that encapsulates multiple facets of the data. Radviz enables a view of a dataset that can contain high dimensionality. This visualization allows for the viewing of every point of data in the provided dataset and jitter can be used to help differentiate similar points. Parameters that are included in this visualization are three years of the major chosen by each student is included in the plot, three years of the ACT Interest-Major Fit Index, and the major category that ACT has predicted to be the best fit for the student. A color scale of light blue ascending to dark blue is utilized to display ACT scores of each student in the visualization.

Beyond the large amounts of points in the center of the plot, there are some emerging patterns in the visualization. It can be seen that some straight lines of points arise in the visualization. These lines consisting of points are showing various patterns in the data related to the predictive scores, chosen major, and predicted best major. An important facet of this visualization is that it supports multiple interactions that can allow for deep analysis(visualization demo link: http://demo.oicweave.org/weave.html?file=ACTContestSubmission.weave ).

John Fallon
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University of Massachusetts Lowell
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