Entry 8Visual Analysis of Educational Choices by US Students
Abon Chaudhuri — WalmartLabs, Silicon Valley, US
Winner: Understandability

The submitted visualization – “Visual Analysis of Educational Choices by US Students” - aims to capture how the students’ interest, gender, merit, and other factors affect the distribution of enrollments across different majors.

The left half presents a vertical timeline moving from top to bottom, showing packed bubble views of the majors at three times: ACT, freshman year, and sophomore year. Each plot contains bubbles representing the volume of enrollment by size, and an average fit score (measured by quantifying categorical fit levels across all enrolled students) by color. To give an example, a green and small bubble (such as “English and Foreign Languages”) indicates that a small number of people have enrolled, and the major is a good fit for majority of them.

In-depth analysis of individual majors is on the top right. Given the limited scope, only a few such cases have been shown using Sankey diagrams. The topmost plot examines the curious case of Business major which consistently gets high enrollment despite being a poor-to-average fit for most students. Other factors such as future employment prospect possibly drive the high enrollment and retention. However, due to the lack of real interest, students who decide to move out go to variety of majors significantly different from Business. The following plot about Agriculture and Natural Resource Consumption shows a contrasting scenario where a small volume of students with good fit score enrolls, and mostly follows the same major through the college.

The bottom right area shows how two latent factors – gender and ACT performance – are related to the choice of major. Interesting observations are: With time, male students pick majors that fit them better than their female counterparts. Higher performers consistently get majors that suit them compared to the low scorers. Also, the fit gradually decreases with time for all groups.

Name: Abon Chaudhuri
Affiliation: WalmartLabs, Silicon Valley, US
Email address: abonmail@gmail.com
Address: 107 S Mary Ave (Apt 132), Sunnyvale, CA 94086