A fundamental purpose of the Visual Analytics Community is to raise awareness of issues important to us all. Understanding the state of technology development is one such critical area. These pages are here for members to promote ideas and ongoing efforts through short research papers, videos, and position statements featuring technology advancement. There is no submission format or rigid guidelines for content. Anything from new advances in commercial products to early ideas being investigated are encouraged to be submitted.

When posting content, keep in mind that your audience is not going to have your level of expertise on the topic. Material meant for a more general audience will probably work best. All VAC members are encouraged to post. If you have any questions please contact info at vacommunity.org.

Research Articles

Brief articles on current research from members of the VA Community. A great way to keep up with what's new.

Research Videos

A collection of videos showcasing current research from VA Community Members. Members are welcome to add their own videos here. Contact Ian if you want the VA Community to host your video.


LiveWall from VA Community on Vimeo.

This video provides a quick look and example of LiveWall usage. LiveWall is a prototype hardware and software solution to room-to-room video conferencing. Each side of the video conference is presented full screen and overlayed with a shared desktop environment both sides interact with via touch. The effect is as if the people you are meeting with are on the other side of an interactive piece of glass. For more information, see http://precisioninformation.org

Equinox: Information Synthesis and Fusion

Equinox - Information Synthesis and Fusion from VA Community on Vimeo.

Over the last few years, the National Visualization and Analytics Center (NVAC) has been developing a framework called Equinox. This framework leverages various knowledge representations where content and context can be aligned or fused, thereby creating a new information space from which an integrated perspective can be formed. Read more at http://www.vacommunity.org/article30

GreenGrid: Power Grid Analytics

GreenGrid from VA Community on Vimeo.

Graph analytics is the study and analysis of data that can be transformed into a graph representation consisting of nodes and links. The problem of graph analytics is among the most important research and development (R&D) areas within the visual analytics community. GreenGrid, a power grid analytics tool, explores issues and areas of vulnerability in the western states power grid.

For more information, see http://www.vacommunity.org/article26

Threat Stream Generator: Creating Evaluation Data

Threat Stream Generator from VA Community on Vimeo.

The Threat Stream Data Generator is an approach and tool for creating synthetic data sets for the test and evaluation of visual analytics tools and environments. We have focused on working with information analysts to understand the characteristics of threat data, to develop scenarios that will allow us to define data sets with known ground truth, to define a process of mapping threat elements in a scenario to expressions in data, and creating a software system to generate the data.

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