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The visual analytics community site serves as home for visual analytics discussions and a home for emerging communities of research and practice. The site was developed as a coordination point for the breadth of disciplines that all play important roles in the continued growth of visual analytics. Each community of research and practice have access to dedicated blogs, forums, wikis, calendars, RSS feeds for information distribution, and other social media services. Just as important, each community hosted on the website has access to materials from the other communities to promote open discussion and sharing of ideas. The dialog among different interests is an important ingredient in furthering visual analytics. The site has been developed on a common web framework to support easy communications while at the same time allowing each community to have its own customizable space.


The figure above shows some of the communities that have expressed interest in being part of the site. These communities of research and practice are expected to eventually represent all aspects of the visual analytics community. Some communities focus on a specific application area or user group, others are dedicated to research or technology areas, and still others address broader concerns such as technology transition or intellectual property. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list but just to give an idea of the possibilities. Communities do not have to be housed on the VAC website to take part. It is our hope that established communities will be interested in linking between sites and promoting cross-postings. The goal of this website is not to become a single centralized server for visual analytics but to help coordinate activities among the large and diverse organizations and communities that are key to the continued growth of visual analytics. That coordination mission always has been and always will be the core of the Consortium and visual analytics community activities.

The visual analytics community site is also continuing and significantly expanding another key element of the Consortium. The site is a community-led and community-driven effort. The direction and focus of each community of research and practice is determined by those leading the community. The choice to establish a community of research and practice is up to the community. The website is available to help provide the online resources to make each a vibrant and engaging community.

Information about the annual consortium meetings and related activities will migrate to here from the NVAC site, http://nvac.pnl.gov. The NVAC site will continue to include significant visual-analytics-related activities and information, but it will quickly relinquish the community-wide role to the vacommunity.org site.

To better serve the broader community needs, the Visual Analytics Centers leadership committee’s role is also being adjusted. This new committee will drive the overall direction of the Consortium meetings, web presence, and other activities. The leadership committee will ensure that the interests of all community members are considered. The leadership committee will continue to evolve as the community continues to mature. Current members include the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the National Visualization and Analytics Center, The Boeing Company, Intel Corporation, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Page last modified on Monday, June 25, 2012