Entry 3Multi-scale Voronoi-based ACT Assessment
Timothy Luciani et al. — Electronic Visualization Lab, University of Illinois at Chicago
Honorable Mention!

Spatio­temporal data at multiple scales:

Top­left: Choropleth maps showing national­level costs and utilization. The large green map shows aggregate expenses (2012­2015). California, Texas, and Florida have the three highest expenses (Question Q6). The small multiple below shows the expense distribution per year (no significant variation). The purple maps show, similarly, the percent utilization (Assigned/Capacity), and a reasonably fair distribution nationwide.

Bottom: Average bar­charts. Two bar charts display the average expenses and utilization per state (2012­2015). The charts provide a quantitative comparison across states and complement the choropleths (Q6).

Top­middle: Voronoi visualization of test center distribution at regional level (Illinois). Voronoi diagrams partition the region based on distances to test centers. The Voronoi cell intensity is mapped to Assigned/Capacity. The darker a cell, the higher demand in that region (Q5). The partially filled red circle in each cell double­encodes utilization. Circle size encodes the Center capacity, and the filled area shows the assigned number. Orange markers show population sizes per Zipcode. The region with most test centers in Illinois is the great Chicago area (Q3).

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