There are many exceptional sites around the world on visual analytics and related areas. Please add sites you would like others to be aware of.

Visual Analytics Industries

List of some industries involved with visual analytics.


To help analysts understand, explore, reference, and reuse their analysis process, we present a visual analytics system named CZSaw(See-Saw) that provides an editable and re-playable history navigation channel in addition to multiple visual representations of document collections and the entities within them.

Digging into Data Repositories

A fantastic list of humanities and social science related data repositories. This list is maintained by the Digging into Data Challenge effort.


Gapminder World shows the world’s most important trends.

GeoAnalytics.net - Geospatial Visual Analytics community

Workshops and conferences, major publications, people - everything related to GeoAnalytics

The Global Impact of Big Data

An informative infographic from Syracuse University.

Eager Eyes

Robert Kosara's exceptional blog site on a wide range of topics.

Fall in love with the data

Enrico Bertini's blog, Fell in Love with Data, contains his compelling musings about all things related to data visualization.

Georgia Institute of Technology: Statistical Machine Learning and Visualization

The Statistical Machine Learning and Visualization Lab is a research group focused on machine learning and visualization of high dimensional data. Our research emphasizes statistics and computation, and includes both basic research and applied studies.

Infoviz Wiki

Source for information for events and contacts related to Information Visualization.

iVAC Newsletter

The technologies being developed throughout the global Visual and Data Analytics research enterprise, that is, what we are calling the Integrated Visualization and Analytics Community (iVAC), are intended to support the application of human judgment to make the best possible use of information and share it with others. Among the uses of these technologies is addressing threats, whether terrorist-originated, man-made or natural, immediate or long-term. There are many other applications for visualization and analytics; all to be explored as our community grows.

SecViz - Security Visualization

This is a place to share, discuss, challenge, and learn about security visualization.

SPP - Scalable Visual Analytics

In research and development as well as numerous application areas fast growing data sets develop with ever higher complexity and dynamics. A central challenge is to filter the substantial information and to communicate it to humans in an appropriate way. Interactive visual data analysis techniques extend the perceptual and cognitive abilities of humans with automatic data analysis techniques. Only by a combination of data analysis (Data Mining) and visualization techniques an effective access to otherwise unmanageably complex data sets is possible.

Stasko's Georgia Tech 7450 Information Visualization Course

Information visualization is a research area that focuses on the use of visualization techniques to help people understand and analyze data. While fields such as scientific visualization involve the presention of data that has some physical or geometric correspondence, information visualization focuses on abstract data without such correspondences such as symbolic, tabular, networked, hierarchical, or textual information sources.

Visual Analytics Digital Library

This library and web portal contains materials useful in Visual Analytics (higher) education. Visual Analytics is an evolving field that we have attempted to capture through a prototype taxonomy, into which we organize our library contents. The VADL includes videos, PowerPoint and recorded lectures, sample tests and exams and other documents useful to educators and students in the field.

KDnuggets: Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, & Data Science Resources

Numerous resources related to the knowledge discovery aspects of visual analytics, including a list upcoming conferences at http://www.kdnuggets.com/cfp/latest.html .

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