Jim Thomas (1946 - 2010)

By: Richard May  On: Tue, Aug. 10, 2010  
On August 6, 2010 this world lost Jim Thomas. His influence and impact on our community were clear and profound. Through his intellect, energy, and passion Jim was able to create an international movement and shape a new discipline – visual analytics.

May 2010 brought the release of a new book, Interactive Data Visualization, co-authored by Matthew Ward, Georges Grinstein and Daniel Keim. In collaborating on this book, Ward, Grinstein and Keim provide their readers with the theory, details and tools necessary for building visualizations and systems for visualizing data. theivac.org

Various VisWeek Workshops

By: Robert Kosara (www.eagereyes.org)  On: Wed, July 28, 2010  
I want to call your attention to three interesting workshops that will be held at VisWeek 2010 in October in Salt Lake City. One is on storytelling in visualization, another on visual analytics in healthcare, and a third one on theory in infovis. eagereyes.org
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